About Kelly

Kelly  Name:  Kelly Sarah McNamee

  Birthdate: January 13, 1987 (age 26)

  Birthplace: Chambersburg, PA

  Parents: Patrick McNamee and Carol McNamee

  Sister: Erin McNamee

  Favorite Bands: The Beatles, The Killers, Passion Pit


Interests: Kelly enjoys playing ukulele and french horn.  She has recently taken a dive into community theater.  She also enjoys reading and watching British Television. 

Currently: Working at Corpus Christi Catholic School, teaching music and technology. She is also working towards a masters degree in Music Technology at Valley Forge Christian College.


About John

Name:  John Charles West, Jr.

Birthdate:  July 11, 1986 (age 26)

  Birthplace:  Abington, PA

  Parents:  John West Sr. and Karen West

  Sister: Melanie DeMarco

  Brother-in-Law: Christopher DeMarco

  Nephew: Carter John DeMarco

  Favorite Bands:  Sigur Ros, Radiohead, The Mars Volta


Interests: John enjoys drumming and watching sports.  He has developed a recent fondness for golfing.  He also enjoys cooking and taking bike rides with Kelly.

Currently:  Working at Canteen Vending in Hagerstown, MD, and taking classes at Penn State Mont Alto towards a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. 



How we met

John and Kelly met at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  While theyyay! had been in band together for a few years, they did not meet each other until their junior year.  John said to Elisa Hill (a lovely mutual friend and current bridesmaid), "That Kelly girl is pretty awesome.  Maybe she would like to go get coffee!"  Elisa giddily shared this news with Kelly.  Kelly, however, was a little preoccupied at the time, since she was leaving soon for a semester in England. You'll have to forgive her for this.  

Fast-forward a year.  Kelly is freshly returned from England.  John is still talking to Elisa about this Kelly girl he kind of knows. Then, low and behold, Kelly starts talking to Elisa, asking, "What's this John guy all about?"  Elisa's romantic heart goes all a-twitter.  She starts inviting them to the same parties, and tries to push them together whenever possible.  She is persistent, knowing her two friends are PERFECT for each other.  John knows this too.  Kelly takes a little longer to figure it out (again, you'll have to forgive her!).  

Eventually, Elisa's persistance pays off.  John and Kelly go on a coffee date at the Commonplace, where they awkwardly, yet adorably, discuss their mutual interests.  They make it official over Christmas break, 2009, and all their friends cheer wildly! 





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